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Portal Tombs           Standing Stones



Passage Tombs                  Stone Rows



Cairns                              Ogham Stones



Bullaun Stones            Court Tombs



Fulacht Fiadh             Ring - Barrows



Wedge Tombs                    Ring Forts


Stone Circles                      Enclosures


Promontory Forts





Iron Age     600 BC – AD 400


Bronze Age   2400 – 600 BC


Neolithic (New Stone Age)  4000 – 2400 BC


Mesolithic (Middle Stone Age)  7000 – 4000 BC


(Approximate Dates)

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Ballyquin Portal Tomb

A delightfully situated monument

Read about Here


Tallest Stone


Waterford's  tallest standing stone is  located 5 km from Tramore. The impressive stone measures 3.7m in height. See it  Here


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The White Lady, Ballymacaw



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